Effective SEO Strategy with Content Optimization Boost Traffic by 52% YoY for Agency
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Effective SEO Strategy with Content Optimization Boost Traffic by 52% YoY for Agency

By Genesis Aguilar


My client approached me with a request to create and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy aimed at increasing organic traffic for lead generation and brand awareness. Initially, the website received consistent but minimal traffic, with the majority of visits coming from branded keywords. The blog content was not ranking well and contributed little to overall website traffic. A site audit revealed various technical SEO issues and the presence of some toxic backlinks.

Strategy and Implementation

To address the challenges and achieve my client's goals, I developed a multi-faceted SEO strategy focused on five key areas:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Link Strategy
  5. Monitoring and Reporting

1. Technical SEO

I conducted a thorough analysis using tools like SEMRush, HubSpot's auditing capabilities, and Google Search Console to identify and rectify technical SEO issues affecting the site. Key problems effected page speed, site architecture, and accessibility.

I tackled these issues head-on, ensuring that every page adhered to best practices in website design and development. I optimized pages with semantic HTML structures, streamlined site architecture, and cleaned up URL redirection protocols to eliminate multiple URL redirection chains. Additionally, I made significant improvements to mobile page speed by compressing JavaScript and removing unnecessary CSS and JS.

2. On-Page SEO

To maximize on-page SEO, I meticulously optimized each published and indexed page. This involved manual tasks such as image compression, setting appropriate alt text, crafting compelling meta titles and descriptions, and ensuring correct URL formatting.

3. Content Marketing Strategy

Once the technical and on-page SEO foundations were established, I shifted my focus to content marketing. I devised a strategy centered around organizing content into topic clusters and optimizing existing blog posts with SEO potential.

Topic Cluster Mapping

To improve internal linking and authority flow, I organized blog content into topic clusters with corresponding pillar pages. Each pillar page linked to relevant blog posts within the same topic cluster, creating a well-structured content hierarchy.

Existing Content Optimization

My client had existing high value blog content that didn't earn much organic traffic. The primary reason for this was the lack of on-page SEO and keyword targeting. As part of the content marketing strategy, I identified existing rankable blog content that showed signs of SEO potential.

Process to Identify Rankable Blog Content

  • Step 1: Research Traffic-Generating Posts
    I utilized Google Analytics and Search Console to research blog posts that consistently generated some level of traffic each month. These posts should already have shown potential in attracting visitors.
  • Step 2: Analyze On-Page Engagement
    Using Google Analytics and HubSpot's website analytics dashboard, I assessed on-page metrics such as engagement rates, bounce rates, and session durations. I focused on posts with positive engagement, low bounce rates, and longer session durations, indicating user interest.
  • Step 3: Assess Backlink Profile
    I reviewed the number of backlinks each post had acquired using SEMRush. I aim for posts with a few backlinks, preferably more than one. Posts with zero backlinks would struggle to rank, but those with some backlink support indicated some level of page authority.
  • Step 4: Evaluate Keyword Rankings
    I examined the keywords for which each post was ranking and their positions in search results using Search Console. I looked for posts with keywords ranking below position 20, as these have the potential to move from page 2 to page 1 with some effort. Starting with keywords ranking beyond page 2 is more challenging.
  • Step 5:¬†Final Selection
    I combined all the collected data and identified blog posts that met all the criteria: consistent traffic, positive on-page engagement, a few backlinks, and keywords ranking below position 20. I identified six blog posts likely to be rankable and worth optimizing for better search visibility.

After identifying the blog posts to optimize, I conducted extensive keyword research and competitor research. I updated the blog post with new topics, fresh content, and republished under the current date to indicate to google the blog post as freshly updated and relevant.

By following these steps, I effectively identified the right blog post to optimize and update. This winning strategy played a key role in increasing traffic to the website.

4. Link Strategy

Addressing Toxic Links

I conducted a comprehensive backlink analysis using SEMRush to identify and address toxic backlinks. Through Search Console, I disavowed highly toxic backlinks to prevent them from harming my client's website.

Internal Linking Strategy

For internal linking, I ensured that each blog post linked to the relevant pillar page, and vice versa, using anchor text to reinforce target keywords.

Backlinking Strategy

To earn backlinks from reputable websites, I optimized blog posts to rank higher in search engine results pages using the blog post optimization strategy previously mentioned. By achieving top positions in search results, I attracted organic backlinks from other websites.

I also suggested the client engage in HARO (Help a Reporter Out) and pursue partnerships to actively seek backlinks from authoritative sites.

5. Monitoring and Reporting

Monthly reporting and analysis was critical to identify patterns and trends from the implemented changes. To track progress, I monitored monthly trends and quarterly results using LookerStudio, which integrated data directly from Search Console and Google Analytics. Monthly reports were shared with stakeholders to keep them informed of the campaign's effectiveness.

Results and Analysis

Traffic Increase

The strategic approach yielded remarkable results, with organic traffic consistently increasing month over month. On average, there was a 15% MoM increase in traffic. Comparing the yearly reports for 2022 and 2021, we observed a remarkable 52% YoY increase in traffic.

SEMRush Screenshot of Clients Organic Traffic Increase Trends Sept 2021 - June 2023
SEMRush Screenshot of Traffic Increase Trends

Long-term Growth

The success of the optimization strategy was evident in immediate results and long-term traffic growth. The technical SEO improvements positively impacted the ranking and visibility of the entire website. During a Q1 2023 analysis, website traffic increased by 70% compared to Q1 2022. Moreover, even pages that had not been explicitly optimized experienced significant improvement in search visibility, with an average increase of 75%.

Branded Keywords

Branded keywords, which once accounted for over 60% of all organic traffic, no longer dominated due to the success of the SEO campaign. With the implementation of non-branded keyword optimization strategies, branded keywords now only contribute to 16-20% of all organic traffic.


The focus on comprehensive keyword research and strategic keyword placement proved successful in increasing the number of keywords ranking on page one in the search engine results page. Since the campaign's launch in November 2021, keywords have been improving position ranking. Earning several snippet features has also contributed to my clients significantly growing traffic.

SEMRush Screenshot of Keywords Ranking on Page 1 Trends Between October 2021 - July 2023
SEMRush Screenshot of Keywords Ranking on Page 1 Trends


The implementation of a well-rounded SEO strategy that addressed technical issues, optimized content, and earned valuable backlinks led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, brand visibility, and lead generation for my client. By focusing on each aspect of SEO and continuously monitoring progress, I achieved impressive results that demonstrated the effectiveness of a well rounded SEO campaign.

Feedback from Client

"I want to give a special shout-out to Genesis Aguilar for her outstanding work, helping us elevate our brand. Thank you, Genesis Aguilar!"