Life Sciences Hotbeds Promotion Campaign

Design Type:
Graphic Design

About the Project

Hotbed Maps are resources for job-seeking professionals in the life sciences industry, helping them navigate and explore job opportunities across nine regions in the United States. In addition to designing three Hotbed Maps—BioCapital, BioForest, and BioNC—I also contributed to the development of a Hotbed Calendar and various supporting marketing collateral, including website banners and social graphics.

Designing the Hotbed Maps

As the in-house graphic designer for BioSpace, I was tasked with creating three Hotbed Maps—BioCapital, BioForest, and BioNC. Each map aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the life sciences employers in their respective regions. I focused on creating visually striking designs that captured the essence of each region while maintaining a consistent and cohesive aesthetic across all three maps. I used a combination of hand-drawn watercolor paintings to create the landscapes and utilized other digital resources to finalize the Hotbed Maps.

Designing the Hotbed Calendar

In addition to the Hotbed Maps, I also contributed to the design of the Hotbed Calendar. Hotbed calendars are free resources that helped promote the Hotbed Maps. Each year, BioSpace mailed out hundreds of calendars to professionals all across the US.

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About the Client

BioSpace is a trusted online platform that has been at the forefront of biotechnology for over 30 years, providing essential services such as biotech job listings, breaking industry news, and expert analysis, fostering collaboration and advancing the field.

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