Ebook Design: Account Based Selling Guide

Design Type:
Ebook Design

About the Project

As the graphic designer, my primary responsibility was to transform the pre-developed content into a visually appealing ebook. I utilized InDesign to craft an engaging layout.

In addition to the InDesign version, I also created a PowerPoint version of the ebook design. This allowed the MarketLauncher team to easily make any necessary corrections without the need for specialized InDesign skills.

By collaborating closely with the client, I ensured the final ebook design effectively conveyed the crucial account-based selling insights while maintaining a professional and cohesive visual identity. The project's successful execution resulted in a valuable resource that positioned MarketLauncher as a thought leader in the industry, further enhancing their reputation among their target audience.

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About the Client

MarketLauncher helps clients drive growth and focus on their most profitable business opportunities by leveraging ML's strategic outbound experience. Their services allow clients to pursue growth initiatives such as product launches, geographical expansion, or increasing sales opportunities without diverting resources from their core business, ensuring consistent lead flow and minimal disruption.

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