Email Template Design: 3 Custom Email Templates in HubSpot

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About the Project

As a part of my collaboration with MarketLauncher (ML), I took the initiative to enhance the user experience for contacts who filled out forms on their website. To achieve this, I designed and developed three dynamic and multi-purpose email templates within HubSpot. The objective was to create a more personalized and engaging follow-up experience for their marketing contacts.

The Three Email Templates

  1. Thank You for Subscribing: This template was designed to go out to users who subscribed to MarketLauncher's newsletter. It aimed to establish a positive connection with the audience right from the start.
  2. General Email: This template is a versatile option that could be used for various follow-up scenarios. It allowed MarketLauncher to deliver tailored messages to contacts based on their form submissions, ensuring they received relevant and meaningful content.
  3. Email with Banner Image: The banner image template incorporated visual appeal by featuring an eye-catching banner image. This template is ideal for special announcements, promotions, or any content that required a more visually engaging presentation.

Responsive Design and Thorough Testing

To guarantee a seamless experience across devices, I meticulously developed each email template to be fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. I conducted comprehensive testing across popular email platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, and others to ensure consistent rendering and display.

Workflow Automation

In addition to designing the HTML email templates, I took the initiative to streamline the follow-up process by creating a workflow that automated the email delivery based on user interactions with the website's forms. For example, upon subscribing to the newsletter, users would receive the "Thank you for subscribing" email instantly, while those who filled out the "Contact Us" form would promptly receive a confirming message via the "General Email" template.


This project not only improved the overall user experience for ML's contacts but also contributed to streamlining their marketing efforts on HubSpot. I am proud to have played a crucial role in supporting MarketLauncher's engagement with their audience and helping them achieve their marketing objectives.

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About the Client

MarketLauncher helps clients drive growth and focus on their most profitable business opportunities by leveraging ML's strategic outbound experience. Their services allow clients to pursue growth initiatives such as product launches, geographical expansion, or increasing sales opportunities without diverting resources from their core business, ensuring consistent lead flow and minimal disruption.

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