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Email Template Design

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PartnerCentric is a Performance Marketing agency with a fully remote team. In this project, I was tasked with creating email templates the team could use in the HubSpot interface. I designed and developed three templates, including a newsletter, a new subscriber thank you, and a basic 1 column template for simple message


To create the templates, I referenced the PartnerCentric's brand guidelines and used their prior email template as inspiration. I collaborated with two team members who reviewed and approved the designs I proposed.

  1. First, I started with simple layout sketches.
  2. Then, I created a new custom module in Hubspot and got to work with the body of the template that I wrote in HTML and inline CSS.
  3. The last piece was to make it editable. Using Hubspot field modules, I inserted the code provided into the appropriate lines to make each image, text field, and link changeable in the email editor.


The new templates have helped PartnerCentric save time creating their weekly newsletter, automated much of their email marketing processes, and has strengthened documentation of all communications with customers and clients.

"I like using it [the email template] so much more than MailChimp, it is easy to use and doesn't take me as long to set up the emails. Also, I've heard that it looks better and more in line with our branding." – Operations Specialist

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About the Client

PartnerCentric is the largest independent partnership marketing agency in the US, known for their transparency, independence, and advanced technology solutions. They specialize in driving growth and providing strategic services to disruptive brands, leveraging their two decades of affiliate marketing experience to deliver impactful results.

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